On the 7th of June, ARZE Brand once again transformed the night into a melodic wonderland with their second live show, ARZE Sessions 002, held at Palmera Studio. This intimate gathering of music enthusiasts and indie lovers was a testament to the brand's commitment to curate unique and immersive experiences.


Kora singing in ARZE Sessions


The highlight of the evening was the mesmerizing performance by Kora, who left the audience in awe with their soulful renditions of "Paciencia" and "La Luna." Her music resonated with the crowd, creating an atmosphere filled with emotion and passion.

ARZE Brand didn't stop there; they collaborated with the talented Guzzu and digital artist Elizabeth Ricachi (@thliee) to create an exclusive POAP/ NFT for ARZE Sessions 002. This digital art collaboration added an extra layer of uniqueness to the event, allowing attendees to take home a piece of the experience.



As the night unfolded, attendees found themselves soaking in an incredible beer bathtub courtesy of Estrella Galicia, adding a refreshing twist to the indie music ambiance. And to top it all off, the evening culminated with a delicious feast of burgers from Hide Out, providing the perfect ending to a night filled with music and merriment.

ARZE Sessions 002 was more than just a live show; it was a celebration of indie culture, a night where friends gathered to share their love for music, and an experience that left everyone with memories to cherish.

Don't miss out; you can relive the magic by watching the live show on ARZE Brand's YouTube channel.

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